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    A formula that will pickup a new cell and exclude the prior cells

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to figure out a formula that will pickup the current month data automatically but at the same time exclude the prior months data. This will be done in a seperate summary tab from the source data tab. I should mention that this is a monthly report. So every month...
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    Link cell reference to another file.

    Hello Mr Excellers, I have come across a problem linking a cell reference from a 'source' Excel file to another 'destination' Exel file. It only picks up the first 255 characters unless I open up the source file at the same time as when the destination file is open. I have checked if there is a...
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    Locate the source cell of a LOOKUP function using VBA

    I want to locate the cell that a lookup function (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, or INDEX) gets its value from. For example: if Cell A2 = "lookup_ref" then VLOOKUP("lookup_ref",A1:D4,3,False) should return the value of cell C2. I need to be able to find out what the source cell (i.e. C2 in this...

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