1. D

    Setting up a new Pivot Table

    Hello there. I run a macro each week which analyses some data. It works fine until I try to stick the data into a Pivot Table The size of the data range changes, so I give it a name and I'm trying to use the named range as the data source for the Table. I'm getting an error which I think relates...
  2. L

    Charts in Excel VBA - problem with source data

    Hi, I have a problem with creating charts in vba excel, spent last two days trying to figure it out. The problem occurs when I'm trying to specify source data, which are in another excel file. Part of the code: Dim objWorkbook As Workbook Dim objChart As Chart Set objWorkbook =...
  3. baldmosher

    Excel/VBA: Chart.SetSourceData is changing the range by itself

    Excel 2010 I'm trying to update a chart source data range with VBA but it's pulling in the wrong range. where the data source is "graph_01" because it's January data (stats per day, grouped 1 month per table): Set rG = rH.Cells(1) 'first cell in header row Set rG = Range(rG...
  4. P

    Problems when trying to change source data for pie chart

    Hi I have a sheet (excel 2007), where I would like to copy an entire section of the sheet and paste it further down. This section includes a chart, whose sourcedata I would automatically like to change, when running the macro to do the copy/pasting. If the original data for the Pie chart is...
  5. B

    Using InputBox to select range to update Pivot

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to update a PivotTable with the range selected in the inputbox (from another workbook), but I can't seem to get it to work. I don't know very much VBA and have just been putting pieces together so my code might be totally incoherent. Thanks in advance! Private Sub...
  6. S

    Can I use variables in the Sourcedata from a Dynamic Table?? HELPPPPP

    How can i do this code works right, I need to use a variable Act = InputBox("Today", "Now", Thisday) 'here i need to write: 10513 (sheet name) Range("AA2").Select This works OK ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Add(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:="'10513'!R1C23:R117C23").CreatePivotTable...
  7. O

    refreshing source data with new columns added

    Hi, I'm new to PowerPivot, and have the following question: I build a very basic powerpivot file, which combines raw data from two excel files connected by a shared key. Now I added more columns to one of the source file (it's an export from our CRM system, so these are completely new fields...
  8. L

    dynamic name range different values

    Hi, I have a dynamic named range that i use to populate a chart. I need to now create 50 tabs, with the same chart, but different data on each sheet. I've used lookups to pull the data to populate the charts. However, b/c the range is referencing the 1st tab I created, the charts don't update...
  9. L

    Dynamic range for source data in chart

    Hi, Please help! I'm trying to create a pie chart using a dynamic named range. The named is piedata and the range is =OFFSET(DataInColumn!$L$7,0,0,COUNT(DataInColumn!$K$7:$K$21),1) When I try to link it to the source data, it tells me the range is invalid and doesn't let me proceed. I tried...
  10. R

    Updating PivotTable, why is the sourcedata limited?

    Hi, I'm working in excel 2007 but I appear to have a problem associated with the row limit from excel 2003. Can't figure it out exactly- This code snippet works- it updates the pivottable with the order data from LargeModel, which is an input earlier...
  11. B

    Change Source Data VBA

    I have 2 named tables of data, QtrDATA and YTDDATA. I have multiple pivot tables that depict summaries of both data sets. Instead of using 2 seperate for the mutlipe Pivot tables which grows the size of the workbook, I want a macro that will allow me to switch between the various data sources...
  12. C

    SourceData 255 Character Limit

    I am working on a PivotTable in Excel. I need to generate it dynamically, using VBA code. The query for the table is quite complex (probably 1500 characters). The SourceData attribute has a limit of 255 characters for the total size of the query. Does anyone know of a method to get around this?
  13. W

    Code for Dynamic Pivot Table Range

    I'm trying to write a macro that will take some data, clean it up, and then convert the data into a pivot table. Alas, I can't seem to come up with a way to make it so that the source data for the pivot table is dynamic. As I'm pretty weak at writing code outright, I usually record what I want...

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