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    Copying files to specific folder

    I've put the following code together to copy specific files from one folder to another based on a list contained in a spreradsheet. There are 2 problems which I'd appreaciatte some help with 1 the kill instuction doesn't work and 2 the code is copying all of the files, not the ones...
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    VBA code - Moving files not working

    i have a list of files in column d that i would like to move as per col e however nothing is copying over......can someone please help?
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    vba code-copy files from folder and sub folders

    hi everyone, I now its a mainstream thing that I am writing now in fso systems but I am trying to learn "how I would do that" thing, can you please help with the below code? It does not give any error message or something but it is not copying any materials to destination. Sub...
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    Looping a macro

    I have a macro goes through a single process. I would like to add a loop to the coding to read through a list on a spreadsheet and go through the process multiple times. Here’s what I have. “L1” and “E1” refer to cells on the spreadsheet Sub FindFilename() Dim FSO As Object Dim sourcepath...
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    Excel VBA File Copy

    Hello, I am looking for some help copying from a source file to a destination file. sourcePath = Sheet1.Cells(121, 9).Value Source Cell: (121, 9): "C:\Desktop\Proc_9UL_RB_10\MCD_9UL_RB_10" DestinationPath = Sheet1.Cells(110, 13).Value Destination Cell(110,13)...
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    Excel VBA FSO.copyfile Source

    Hello, the current code below copies files from the source folder to the destination folder based on cell value and file extension. The files may or may not be used all the time, if the file is not in the source folder I am getting an error. I would like to add code that will skip to the next...
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    Excel VBA File Copy

    Hi, I have a macro I am working on and would like to get some help. I am trying to copy files from one folder to another folder based on a partial file name. Here is the code I am currently using. It copies the entire contents of the folder (not what I want). Private Sub...

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