1. B

    Unable to set the text property of the characters class - SP2/SP3 issue?

    Hi all, I am writing a workflow program for my work. It essentially creates a rounded rectangle auto shape for each new ticket. It then populates the text of the ticket with the ticket number and summary text. This was working fine on several machines including my own (all running Office...
  2. Roopher

    Excel 2002/XP SP2->SP3 effects?

    Hello All! Does anyone know of changes done to Excel when the SP3 has been installed, compared to SP2? I mean such kind of changes that actually affect Excel Macro developers/users in daily life. Thank You, Roopher
  3. Roopher

    ws.Copy: VBA sub just exits there - Excel XP SP3 issue?

    Hello! Using Excel XP SP2, I wrote VBA that does a ws.Copy which works fine (copy a hidden template worksheet within a workbook). When I tried to run the VBA on three (professionally administrated) company Excel XP SP3 machines, the very ws.Copy line of the code caused the sub to bail out with...

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