1. S

    Search a table and return rows based on criteria of 2 cells

    Hello! I'm looking to search a table like the the one below. In a separate sheet in the workbook, I'd like to have the "Subject" as multiple columns and list underneath it all of the titles that match the subject and have the language in english. I tried working a combination of index and match...
  2. A

    Date format independent from regional settings

    Hi guys, I have a file that is shared with several people. Some of them have Spanish regional settings, and some of them English (I don't think there's anything else than those two). The thing is that the file has a date column, and I have a format "mm - aaaa" which for those who have it in...
  3. F

    Conditional Format query

    Is it possible to highlight cells based on another cell. That is a bit of an oversimplification. My table looks something like this: <tbody> Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Choice 6 Option W Option X Option Y Option Z History Spanish Media RS PE Art History Spanish Art RS...
  4. B

    Weighted Average based on Field identifier

    Hey Guys, How would I create a measure of a weighted average based on 2 different field values? I know how to do this in excel using SUMPRODUCT, but I'm relatively new to DAX and dont know how to do the same calculation that I would normally use in Excel. For the below, in excel, I would use...
  5. J

    pivot tables

    keyboard shortcut to open pivot tables old view is CTRL+D+P what is the equivalent shortcut to be used in an excel spanish version ? where can i find the list of keyboard shortcuts in english with their equivalences in spanish thanks
  6. N

    Spanish Translation

    Hi there - could someone please tell me whether it is possible in Excel 2016 to have English words in say column A and a Spanish translation row by row in column B? I presume it probably isn't possible as I can't see anything about it in help.
  7. L

    Same value when name changes

    Hi Guys I need some help with this formula =IF(A1="chinese",8,0),IF(A1="English",8,0),IF(A1="Spanish",8,0) How do I continue the formula if the cell A1 name changes to let say English or Spanish etc.. Thanks in advance Larry
  8. A

    Enable Trust Access to VBA Object Model through SendKeys Excel Spanish version

    Hi, I am working on excel file that enabled VBA Object Model Through SendKeys for all English language users, SendKeys are not working for Users with Office Spanish version. I am hoping if anyone help in translating SendKeys to spanish version? I have placed my code snippets below. Public...
  9. shortcuts - spanish

    Hey is there a place where I can find the equivalent shortcuts in excel english-Spanish? I rather change my language to English but it seems I have to buy the english office pack -.-
  10. J

    Número de días de un mes en otra columna

    Hola a todos, Tengo una duda en excel 2003, la cual es probable que se solucione con una fórmula matricial. Tengo una columna A con varias fechas: <tbody> A B C 28/02/2010 Enero 0 29/07/2011 Febrero 1 30/07/2012 Julio 3 31/07/2010 Agosto 2 01/08/2011 Octubre 0...
  11. J

    Special Characters in Excel (like ~)

    Hi, I am currently working on doing some translations from English to Spanish. I have been struggling with finding a way other than "insert special character" to make the "n" with the ~ and some accents. Does anyone knows where can I find the list of shortcut keys to insert those characters...

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