1. O

    Help with speech feature

    Hi, i'm trying to use SpeakAsync with supertalk. I saw on wellsr website that you can change excel's speech parameters, the voice, the volume and the speed with "supertalk"...
  2. B

    sumifs / speech mark question.

    Hi all, Question for you, why is it that I have to put a 0 betweenthe speech marks to get this formula to return a value? If I take the “0” out of the speech marks I get nothingback? What am I doing wrong. =SUMIFS(V5:V2247,T5:T2247,"",X5:X2247,"0",Y5:Y2247,"EME") Steve
  3. V

    Application.Speak Numbers with Spell

    Application.Speech.Speak "< spell >110< /spell>", False, SpeakXML:=True speaks One One Zero How can this be reproduced with a string variable (Dim say as string) with a value of 110 Application.Speech.Speak Say, False, SpeakXML:=True speaks One hundred and ten How is the < spell > XML added...
  4. M

    Shapes (groups) and Page Breaks

    Hey guys, So I've got a vba script that takes a bunch of text from one sheet and turns it into a speech bubble layout (similar to an iphone text message screen) on another sheet. These "speech bubbles" are inserted into a sheet as Shapes in the vba code. The whole thing works great, i've got...
  5. N

    is it possible to make excel text speech on file opening ?

    hello dear excelers :) I'm trying to make excel text speech - sheet "x" cell "y" every time excel opens , Is it possible to do it ? thanks for any help u excelers are awesome :cool:
  6. S

    Error Handling for speech module?

    So I've got this code to talk to the user while the macro runs, to prevent them from clicking all over the place and crashing the program. Sub UseSpeech() 'speech while macro runs. Application.Speech.Speak "Hello " & Application.UserName & ". Please wait about 10 seconds while the macro...
  7. bill_ohio

    Speak on Enter will not speak

    Hello Forum, This should be a no-brainer, but it's driving me crazy. All I want is for cell "Speak on Enter" to work. I have used it in the past to self-check while entering data on other machines (I add the icon to the QAT), but for some reason it doesn't work on my Surface Pro 3 running Win...
  8. S

    Make Excel Talk?

    Someone pointed out to me that there is a way to make Excel talk to you. I knew there was a text-to-speech option that just reads out the contents of a cell. But is there a way to get Excel to say different things depending on which cell you click on (with the actual cells remaining empty)?
  9. B

    VBA: Upon cell selecion use Speech.Speak

    My goal here is to have it were when someone clicks say A4 the code below is executed: Application.Speech.Speak "Enter your full name" I will have several different cells and have it saying several different things.
  10. B

    Need VBA for making a action when clicking on a cell

    I have a application on a spreadsheet and what I would like is when they click on a few specific cells it will run this speech code I found Sub State() Application.Speech.Speak "Enter the state you live in!" End Sub I will be doing this on the whole application Example: Name,City,State,race etc.....
  11. E

    Speaking Macros

    I have a lot of large, long running macros and needed something to notify me when it was done. Here's a nice feature I came across while looking for something to play a sound when a macro is finished or has a problem and this is even cooler although it'll eventually probably get on my nerves...

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