speeding up

  1. R

    Macro running slow

    Hi, I have created a macro (below) to search a range and hide rows with no value, however, on running the macro it takes around a minute to run. Is there anyway this can be sped up? Dim xRg As Range Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each xRg In Range("D1:D105")...
  2. C

    VBA Code running extremely slow

    Hello good people, I just registered but I have been an anonymous user using this forum for most of all my self-taught VBA life. This is probably one of the most simple codes i've ever wrote yet it's EXTREMELY slow, and I can't figure out why. All it does is hide some specific lines on sheets...
  3. Extract records with multiple criteria, slow recalc

    Hello I have this formula =INDEX(TAB!$B$3:$B$5390,AGGREGATE(15,6,(ROW(TAB!$B$3:$B$5390)-ROW(TAB!$B$3)+1)/(--ISNUMBER(FIND($B$1:$F$1,TAB!$B$3:$B$5390))),ROWS(A$5:A5))) List of codes = TAB!$B$3:$B$5390 List of strings to filer extract from list of codes = $B$1:$F$1 So my list of codes loook...
  4. L

    VBA alternative to conditional formatting

    Hi all. I am working on a large data entry and reporting system in excel. Currently the area of drop down boxes covers 1.3 million cells and will probably end up double that. I was using excels inbuilt conditional formatting to grey out box's that are contain an "X" to improve the user...
  5. P

    How to speed up the code??

    I have a macro which runs the same thing 1000 times with change in the inputs. Here's the code:Sub valgen() Application.Screenupdating = False Dim RateArr(), DfArr() As Double Dim TempArr1(), TempArr2() As Variant Dim i As Integer ReDim RateArr(1 To 50, 1 To 77) ReDim DfArr(1 To 50, 1 To 154)...
  6. W

    Speed up vba macro

    So, I'm trying to hide rows based on an N/A value and wrote the following code. For Each c In Sheets("Summary").Range("b5:b5000") If c.Value = "N/A" Then c.EntireRow.Hidden = True Next c However, its very slow and takes too much time. Do you have any ideas how I can speed up the process?
  7. B

    Sluggish Spreadsheet

    I'm to reduce both the recalculation speed and and size of the workbook. Here's a quick snap shot of my spreadsheet. I've provided the formulas for which I believe are slowing down my sheet. I've also written a short description of the purpose of the formulas, so you understand my end goal...
  8. M

    Speeding up macro

    I have the following code that hides any row within the range that is zero. However, there is a around a 10 second delay when clicking onto the sheet. I have tried using screen updating but there is still this delay. Does anyone know what i can do to avoid this. Thanks Private Sub...
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