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    Spell Check in Excel-Auto Select First Recommendation

    I am looking for some VBA code to be used in Excel VBA that will perform spell check on a selected range on a single Excel worksheet. If a word is found to be misspelled I would like that misspelled word to automatically be changed to the first suggestion that would normally appear in the dialog...
  2. A

    Spell Checking Sheet Tab Name

    Does or can Excel Spell Check the Sheet Tab Name?
  3. J

    How to loop through all worksheets in a workbook and spell check them all before closing/saving?

    HI There, I appreciate anyones help. I have a macro that should loop through all the worksheets in my workbook and run a spell checker on all the sheets before saving and/or closing the document. This is what I have so far but it doesn't seem to work. ALSO Note that my worksheet only has two...
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    Auto Spell Check

    Hello, How to do Auto Spell Check in excel, and please how to remove the format after correction. thanks:)
  5. 2

    Need help on checking spelling in textbox placed in userform!

    Hello, I am not an expert, but a beginner in excel, stuck here now! I have created a textbox in a userform and need to know how to do the spell check for all the text boxes in the form using a command button click? Please help. Thanks/Aju
  6. B

    Macro for spell check when opening print preview

    Hi, I am looking for a macro that will do a spell check on the screen when you open print preview in excel. Thank you
  7. G

    Spell Check in Cell based on user inputs on specific and multiple worksheets

    Hi I have to create a automation in excel to run a spell check before they close or save the excel file. So as none of my team members forgets to run spell check. I have a code to that, but that works for all worksheets in workbook. I need to modify it a bit. - It should take inputs from user...
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    Spell Check Protected Worksheets

    I have a multiple worksheet workbook, the worksheets are protected with only specific cells on each unprotected. I would like for them to be able to spell check the worksheets. I know there is a macro that will unprotect, spell check, protect with a speicifc macro command (e.g. CTRL+S) but I...

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