1. F

    Spell Check certain columns only in VBA

    Hi, I have a piece of code that inserts a row of data at the bottom of an existing range, and then what I'm after is for a spell check to take place on that new row. At the moment, the code below works fine .... it spell checks all the visible columns in that particular range. To make it...
  2. K

    Spell Check in UserForm

    Hi everyone, Is there a way that I can do a spell check in a UserForm, before the information is sent to the worksheet. I know I can add code to do a spell check after the information is added to the worksheet, but in my case, some of the text will be sent to two different worksheets. Therefore...
  3. K

    Spell Check in userform

    Hi, I have a spell check macro for my password protected sheets. I also have a userform with a few last inputs (in some text boxes) by the user and these are to be sent to the spreadsheet. This will be the last part of the job card for the user to complete before printing the job card (as PDF)...
  4. D

    MS Excel Spell Check not working properly

    I am using MS Excel 2016 and the spell check will not allow me to select 'Add to Dictionary', 'Ignore Once', 'Ignore All', etc. The buttons are live, yet no response when I click them. The only button that seems to function is the cancel button. Any help on this is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. K

    Spell Check in Excel-Auto Select First Recommendation

    I am looking for some VBA code to be used in Excel VBA that will perform spell check on a selected range on a single Excel worksheet. If a word is found to be misspelled I would like that misspelled word to automatically be changed to the first suggestion that would normally appear in the dialog...
  6. sparky2205

    Spell check unlocked cells with highlighting

    Hi folks, this is one of those ones where there is a lot of chatter out there about it but I haven't been able to get a fix for my issue. My issue: I want a macro that performs a spell check on the unlocked cells only on a protected sheet while highlighting the cell where the error occurs. What...
  7. L

    Spell Check - Change All

    Hi! I am trying to clean up a large spreadsheet (~500,000 rows) with a lot of spelling errors. The problem I'm having is that choosing "Change All" only applies the change to "all" if you finish the spell checking for the entire sheet. Due to the large number of errors it is not possible for me...
  8. A

    Spell Check for a UserForm

    Hello, I'm currently writing a VBA program in Excel which allows the user to input his/her certain "update" using a UserForm textbox, which then takes that input and places it on a "master" tab were all previous updates have been stored. I was hoping to have a button added to that UserForm that...
  9. H

    Spell Number without currency.

    Hi, I'm using Office 2007. In excel 2007 I'm using VBA formula for converting number to words in Currency method. But I want to use it only Word not Currency Like: =Spell Number(123456.25) Output Want = One Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Fifty Six and 25/100 Only Can you please help..
  10. B

    Sending F7 key to open spellchecker

    Because I protect my sheet the spelling check doesn't work..how can I send the F7 function to open spellchecker and only check the L2 box then close? Currently the first script will opens the spellchecker, but it wants to spell check the whole document instead of just L2?? Sub...
  11. V

    Application.Speak Numbers with Spell

    Application.Speech.Speak "< spell >110< /spell>", False, SpeakXML:=True speaks One One Zero How can this be reproduced with a string variable (Dim say as string) with a value of 110 Application.Speech.Speak Say, False, SpeakXML:=True speaks One hundred and ten How is the < spell > XML added...
  12. M

    Need to modify function "spell"

    Hi all, the "spell" function works great, the only problem is , it doesn't fully resolve my problem. For the document i need to send to bank. I have few problems that i need to modify the code: As below e.g. 1. Usd 45612.00 . I need it to covert for me to " us dollars: Fourty five thousand six...
  13. A

    Create a list of all spell error in a workbook with worksheet name and cell reference?

    Hi, is there any way to create a list of all spell errors in a workbook? Add new worksheet with a name "Spell Error" which includes following: a) Column A, Spell Error b) Column B, Worksheet name where error cell is located c) Column C, Cell reference which got that error d) Column D, spelling...
  14. apgmin

    In excell, spell or convert decimals to word

    I need help to convert decimals to word, example 1. The number 3.04 in Cell A1 should be spelled as Three point zero four zero in say Cell A2 similarly 2. The number 3.44 in Cell A1 should be spelled as Three point four four zero in say Cell A2 similarly 3. The number 3.446 in Cell A1 should be...
  15. S

    Spell Check - treat underscore as word separator

    How can I define an underscore (or any other character for that matter) to be a word separator? I have sentences such as "... use the vendor_name in the Initial_Load file ..." and both underscored compound words fail the standard spell check, but would succeed if treated separately. This is for...

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