1. S

    Referencing class variable(s) from another class

    I have two simple classes shown below for several userform textbox and spin button controls. Userform_Initiliaze event basically adds any such controls to relevant collections to manipulate later using events. What I want to achieve is to pass text from textbox class (clsTextBox) to spin button...
  2. C

    Combined Spin Button Maximum

    Hi I've been asked to create an interactive worksheet so that users can use "sliders" (by which I'm assuming spin buttons or scroll controls) can distribute £60,000 across up to 6 different sectors, one 'slider' per sector. I have: Cells B1:B6 linked to spin buttons 1-6 The £60 (I shrank it...
  3. R

    Looping through filtered range not working

    As my users use a spin button to move up/down through a column of IDs, my code finds that ID which is used in many other calculations in fields and cells. BTW, this spin button is in a userform. When that column is not filtered, everything works fine. But when the column is filtered, I want my...
  4. M

    Allowing manipulation of images but not form controls?

    Hi everyone. On my worksheet, I have a button that allows the user to add image(s) to a worksheet. When they press the button, the worksheet stays protected BUT it allows for the manipulation of ‘Drawing Objects’, using the below code. This way, they can insert the images, but cannot change...
  5. J

    Spinbutton to select values from list

    hi , I have number in cell from C6 to C2500. something like 255, 240.50, 266.67, 312.25, 20.10 etc. I had insert spin tool from developer and i want to spin only this number in my A1 cell. so what i do ? this is image of my worksheet https://ibb.co/3r9pQCJ
  6. A

    look A:A and extract valeous at C:C

    Hi to all, in columnA:A is the spin numbers lets say 2 ,3,23,35,2,13) what i need is toextract those numbers at C:C , what formula i need at C:C? thanks!
  7. A

    assign up/down & left/right keyboard key to spin button vba

    Is it possible to assign the up/down & left/right keyboard key to a userform spin button so that I don't have to use a mouse to scroll up/down through my list?
  8. D

    Using form controls with scientific notation

    Can you control a cells value( scientific notation ) with for example the spin control to scroll for example from <colgroup><col width="709"></colgroup><tbody> 1.00E+01 1.00e+02 1.00e+e03 etc im using this cell as an input into a much larger set of data that will change as you spin up...
  9. A


    Column A range 1 to 10 date should appear in range n1 cell on every click (up and down ) spin button
  10. phillipclark

    Set Min and Max for Spin Button

    Greetings All, My Question today is how do I set a min and max for a Spin Button within my VBA Code below. The code I am using currently to increment .1 changes. This is working fine but now it will be necessary to limit the amount a person can change with the SpinButton. Thank you in advance...
  11. B

    Scroll Data validation list with spin buttons

    Hello everyone, I have an Excel sheet where I inserted in a cell (C1) a list of values - this created a drop down where I can select the value that I want, then the table below is updated accordingly. I would like to add a couple of spin buttons to scroll between the values - one click instead...
  12. S

    Excel ActiveX Spin Button Properties and VBA

    I'm experiencing around a 4 second delay between when I click the ActiveX Spin Button and when the workbook calculates. I'm trying to figure out what is causing the delay. Some background, I have a dashboard with multiple check boxes, when a checkbox is selected a "Sliders" worksheet updates...
  13. P

    how to date stamp with form function macro?

    Hey guys, been a long time lurker finding my answers, but can't find one for this one, so here goes. Creating a tracker tab using the spin function, where i click up or down to increase or decrease a value. I am looking for a way that everytime i click the spin function that it will auto date...
  14. D

    Rotating Pie Chart using VBA

    Good Afternoon! I found the below code in a previous string years ago and plan to use for safety recognition (similar to drawing a name from a hat). However, I know very little about VBA. Can someone please help me identify how to modify this code to have the chart rotate longer? Maybe at...
  15. X

    Spin button editing

    Hi all, This may seem like a stupidly simple question but I'm stumped. If you have a spin button added to your worksheet, how can you delete it or change its size and position. I cannot right click on it or find any way of selecting it to perform these operations. I've tried opening the VB...

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