1. D

    How to manipulate Spin Control?

    Hello, I have something I would like to do using spin control. So I'd like to have the spin control start counting at RH00000-00. Then when the hit the arrow key to the right, it becomes RH00001-00. Then when I hit it to the right again, it becomes RH00001-01. Is this doable with some VBA...
  2. M

    VBA Code for TextBox & SpinButton To set Time Format

    Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible to have a two TextBox 1&2 with two SpinButton 1&2 that sits in a userform so when the user presses the SpinButton 1 it drops a time format into say cell A1which would be known as leave and by pressing SpinButton 2 it drops a time format into say cell A2...
  3. R

    Odd TextBox Artifact: Underscore

    Hi Folks, I have a TextBox/SpinButton Combo that works fine, except that I notice an odd artifact when directly/manually changing the (numerical) value in the TextBox... It acquires an Underscore during input. This does not happen when changing the value via the SpinButton. :confused: The...
  4. R

    Relocate Tab Position via Code?

    Related to my second question in a previous thread: Is there any way to change the tab position via VBA code? Here's the situation: I have a Frame containing 8 OptionButtons and 1 SpinButton/Label combination. If the SpinButton is clicked, the OptionButtons are all "zeroed out" (.Value =...
  5. K

    SpinButton To Change a Variable in a Running Macro ? / MS Word

    Is there a way increase or decrease a variable in a running macro on a userform with a spinbutton on a userform. e.g. the value of X which controls the speed of a macro . . . Private Sub CommandButton1_Click () For Each w In Selection.Words w.Font.bold = True For i = 1 To X [default X = 1000]...
  6. I

    Textbox with time format and controlsource from spinbutton

    I have a userform with a textbox that is formatted as time. A spinbutton sets the textbox's value by combining the textbox's tag property with the spinbutton's value, and the textbox then works fine displaying different time values from a column of data in a worksheet via changes in the...
  7. B

    SpinButton freezer

    Hello, i have been working with VBA in Solidworks but i believe my question still applies I started using a spinbutton in my form to add a value in the textBox, so far so good, had no problems Everything runs smothly in my form until i press the spin button, because when i do i cant press...
  8. P

    ActiveX SpinButton - Change the Value

    Hi group, I'm using a SpinButton to move up and down rows of a table to return information. When it is clicked, I have the row value being returned to cell "G5". One of my goals was to allow the user to skip around should they need to. I'd like to allow them to update cell "G5" by manually...
  9. G

    Role Play Attributes/Stats in Excel 2007

    Hi Folks! I decided, as a fun thing, to try to recreate a Role Play sheet for one of my fav games (which the sheets are no longer in production). However, I ran into a problem with creating the stat input (skills in my sheet). I have researched everywhere I could and came up with using...
  10. H

    Scrolling through visible rows using SPINBUTTOn

    Hi there I am using SPIN button (SB2) to scroll through the excel sheet table. Data of filtered rows is also being displayed in text boxes (please see code below) Issue is I want to scroll through only the visible rows. with the code it is checking every row (i.e. 1.2.3...)- instead I would...
  11. N

    How to Sort this SpinButton Prob in UserForm????

    I have userform to enter data and the worksheet. There are 21 textboxes and command buttons which are perfectly fine. The problem im facing is with 2 spinbuttons which scrols through the entered data and also populates the respective textboxes in the userform. Those 2 spinbuttons are with...
  12. J

    Spinbutton on UserForm to click through a subset of "searched" rows - is this possible?

    Hello there, I am chancing my arm here to ask if I could possibly get some assistance with setting up a spinbutton on a userform I am building to allow me to "cycle" through a subset of rows on a worksheet that have previously been "searched" for using another command button? (I am using Excel...
  13. B

    Excel remains in run mode after spin button change

    Hello everyone, If I start a blank Excel 2010 document, place an ActiveX spinbutton and consequently trigger it, the spinbutton itself becomes selected and Excel remains in VBA run mode (buttons in menu can not be pressed). Of course, this behavior does not occur with a Form Control...
  14. T

    SpinButton with padded numbers

    Hello, I have a numeric text field that allows 000 to 999. I would like to use a SpinButton control to allow users to enter the number. However, if the number is less than 100 it needs to be padded on the left with the zero character. i.e. 5 needs to be 005, 51 needs to be 051. The...
  15. C

    ListBox 1 + SpinButton + Listbox 2 - how to populate?

    Hi there, I have a list box 1 and a spin button, and a list box 2. When the user selects an item in list box 1, and presses the spin button the item will go to listbox 2. Anyone have any advice on how to do this programattically? Or a link they could refer me to...
  16. detangler

    Customize ActiveX SpinButton Value - Not Decrementing (or Incrementing) Correctly

    Please help me with this!! I'm not a vba programmer and have exhausted very means and have done tons of research and came up with the attached code. Basically, I have an Active X SpinButton control directly on a spreadsheet that changes the input cell. (The idea is that later on, there'll be a...
  17. V


    Estoy elaborando un formato, que me servirá de formulario para condicionar una cotización. El punto importante, es que para el incremento / decremento de cantidades voy a utilizar un SpinButton por cada partida de producto y para hacerla de fácil uso, cada vez que se requiera hacer una nueva...
  18. milesUK

    Me.LinkedCell type reference for 48 Controls!

    I have a single worksheet containing 48(!) spin button controls over cells B2:D17. They are named SpinButton1 through to SpinButton48 across and down this range. Each one has it's LinkedCell property populated with that cell over which it is placed in the sheet. I want a SpinButton//_Change...
  19. B

    Textbox spinbutton problem with duplicate entries

    Hi, I'm working on a userform in excel 2003 and have hit a bit of a brick wall. I have a listbox on a userform that shows only unique entries (customers) which are populated off sheet1 (called Names). On the sheet itself, there are customer entries repeated when there is more than one contact...

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