1. Z

    Spinner Buttons in Google Docs

    HI, ive made a one sheet document that i want to publish on google docs and use as a basic calculator when im on the move. trouble is when i open it in google docs all the spinner buttons do not appear..
  2. V

    Add 2 spinners for a single cell?

    Hi, would like to ask if anyone knows how to add 2 spinners for a single cell? For example, the first spinner would be increasing the value by 1 while the other spinner would increase the value in the cell by 0.1. Thus if I want to increase the cell by 20.5%, I would just have to click the first...
  3. B

    VB code help!

    Hey everyone, I'm in need of some vba assistance. <tbody> (on Sheet 1) A B 1 Game Points Earned 2 1 (variable) 5368 </tbody> <tbody> Table1 (on Sheet 2) A B 1 Game Points Earned 2 1 5368 3 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 3752 7 6 8 7 9 8 10 9 11 10 (etc...) </tbody>...
  4. B

    I hereby call upon the VBA Masters of the Universe and request a favor.

    I am in need of a simplified code that draws data to a series of cells depending on a particular cell's value. To keep things organized, I will illustrate what I need with the following example and figure out the rest on my own. Imagine there is a line of infinite persons, each person is...
  5. T

    Using a spinner button to change time values in a textbox

    Hi, I am a novice user but have a high ability to learn quick. I am having difficulty trying to find a walkthrough or any other information on how to pair a spinner box to a textbox. Preferably I would like it to show 12:00 and move in 15 minute increments and I seem to be hitting many...
  6. detangler

    Customize ActiveX SpinButton Value - Not Decrementing (or Incrementing) Correctly

    Please help me with this!! I'm not a vba programmer and have exhausted very means and have done tons of research and came up with the attached code. Basically, I have an Active X SpinButton control directly on a spreadsheet that changes the input cell. (The idea is that later on, there'll be a...
  7. P

    Excel 2007 form problem, Dates

    Hi I am trying to make a spreadsheet such that i have a spinner tool at the top of the page, and when all the days of the month in the form dd/mm/yyyy are displayed, and when i click the down arrow it goes to next month so the mm bit of the days changed and no. of days change automatically...

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