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    1004 Array too long

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me break these four arrays in bit sizes pieces so my macro will run. The code is below (in R1C1 and nonR1C1 language). The arrays are using whatever sheet name I am on to search another sheet (Vacation Time) for an employees amount of vacation...
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    Split $tring into Parts and Paste output into multiple Column/Cells

    Hi group, I have a column within a spreadsheet that contains email addresses. Each row can have one (1) email address or it can have multiple email addresses (occasionally as many as 5 or 6 email addresses). As an example, the spreadsheet could look like this: <tbody> A B C D E F G...
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    put ^ between number and text EG- 125663232 5555 ^ good day

    hi i need a formula to put ^ in between no and text put ^ between number and text 125663232 5555 ^ good day 456845563 ^ WE ARE HAPPRY 7896846511 ^ HELP YOU
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    Large List into Average Groups

    Hello, I have a very large list that I need to split equally between, 5 people based on average. This list is by month and alphabet, and I need to take the total counts and split them between 5 people so they would each have around the same alphabet count. In the end, I would have one person...
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    Splitting Text to Columns at change in case of text

    Hi I am looking for some help on splitting name text into columns and rows. I have text in a cell that looks like <TABLE style="WIDTH: 180pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=240><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 180pt; mso-width-source: userset...
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    Split cell into two cells

    I tried looking in the forum and could not find anything that may assist me. I have a cell (C) which may contain: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 329pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=439 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 329pt; mso-width-source: userset...

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