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  1. beergum

    Splitting data from one cell to multiple columns - no fixed length

    Hi, I need help figuring out an easy way to split data entered in 1 cell (separated by spaces - lengths are not fixed) into their own columns. I have about 100k entries to work with. Sample data layout (All in Column A): Screenshot by Lightshot I'm looking for a way to split each line into...
  2. S

    Separate text in a single cell into multiple columns - Writing a macro

    Hi All, I have a *.lis extension file opened in excel. The text is in a single cell and I wish to separate the information into separate columns. Part of the text is delimited by "|" but some isn't. It is a GL output which someone runs everyday, I wish to write a macro to separate the info...
  3. G

    Split Data in Two Column

    I have Employee Names such as: John Violet Mary jr Dsouza B n Chandra I want to split it into two columns, at all places where there is a capital Character. Such as John Violet Mary jr Dsouza B n Chandra --------------------- Regards, ~Vani~
  4. G

    Pull out all search instances and split code

    Dear Friends, I have created the following code to search entire C Column from WrkBk1 with "<*>" string so as to extract all the matched words into Wrkbk2. for eg a single cell data in Col-C is given below maintaining similar pattern in other cells too. There may be cells without <*> pattern...
  5. T

    A Complex Data Splitting Task

    I have a column of information, in 1 worksheet, that has name data that literally looks like this: JohnSmith - Owner The first and last names are not separated by anything, only showing up as different words because of capitalization. The "Job Title" in this column is separated by a space...

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