split string

  1. C

    VBA Split not working

    Hi all No doubt an easy fix to this. I have the following code whereby i'm trying to split a two word string into just the last word. The string originates from a combobox selection: Private Sub FamilyCombo_Change() Dim Coat As String Dim Coaty As String Coat = FamilyCombo Coaty =...
  2. P

    Function to Split a String

    I'm trying to split a String to get, in my case, product name. I am writing the function as a reference to the full string. The strings all start with "SKU-", the Product Name, then product description. Ex. <tbody> SKU-123ABC-Doodad </tbody> I can't simply do text to columns because...
  3. F

    split string separated comma

    Hi, in filed I have couple of value separated by comma like below: <tbody> A1 header1 B1 header2 C1 header3 Audi 592035, 579733, 653749, 579735 20 000 </tbody> If my macro found that string (always will be separate by ",") should split the string and add rows (= to number of...

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