split text and numbers

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    Split Column to text in google sheets custom

    I need to split the column into text please can someone tell me how to do this in google sheets <tbody> AJANTPHARM19JAN1180CE CE AJANTPHARM 19JAN 1180 ADANIPOWER19AUG65CE CE ADANIPOWER 19AUG 65 APOLLOHOSP19AUG1400CE CE APOLLOHOSP 19AUG 1400 </tbody> Above is an example of how the column...
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    VBA code to reference dynamically changing Table name

    I am kind of stumped on this one. I have a single worksheet that has a number of different tables. It also has a number of different formulas that reference data inside of those tables. I had a problem where if I combined multiple workbooks, all of which contained the same tables, then my...
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    Extracting unit measures from text strings

    Hi, So I'm scraping data from online stores into an excel sheet and often get cells with the following text: "ACANA ADULT SMALL BREED 2.5KG" I want 2.5 to be taken out of this cell (A1 for example) and moved into the next column (B1), and the unit kg to be moved in the next one yet (C1)...
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    Macro to increase by 1 digit with a number in the format "AB36-12345"

    Hi, I am trying to create a button to insert a new row into a spreadsheet, automatically generating a new number 1 digit higher than the last. The number in cell A1 is in the format "AB36-12345" and I would like the new row to have the number as "AB36-12346." Alternatively if this is not...
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    split into a newline

    dear MReXcel.com could you help me with this... i wanna split this word into new line... for example : mrexcel.com+me+and+you result : mrexcel.com me and you i wanna change the(+)symbol into a newline... help me with the formula(code) pliz... thanks in advance....
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    Split numbers and text in same column

    Hi all, I am new to the mr. excel forum. So I hope I am asking the wright things within the good thread... I have got a question regarding splitting numbers from text that are in the same column. Is there a quick solution to my problem. Text to columns won't work because the data is not the...

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