1. N

    VBA Code

    Hi All, I have 58 workbooks that I need to be put into one table on a separate workbook. All the workbooks have two sections i need to copy: A11:Y24/25 and A28:Y41/42 As they are all have the same headers, I would like to put them all into one table automatically Could any one help me...
  2. R

    Filtering Multiple Data Points in the Same Column

    Hi, I have a report that spans many columns (A-AT) and thus becomes too small to print on one page. Some columns contain few characters like names and sport while others columns like Update contain a large amount of data. Currently, I use the filters and like to see all of the data across the...
  3. E

    Update a data validation list when a vlaue entered in the cell is not in the data validation list

    Hello, I have multiple sets of tables in a worksheet that I use for data validation lists. I can dynamically add new items to the tables and they will show up in the drop down lists in my worksheet. I would like to know if it is possible to add to the tables via the cell with the data...
  4. J

    User Input

    I want to make a Dashboard that uses a userform or something. I want the form to have dependent cells. For instance: I am writing a spreadsheet to track sporting events (football and basketball, etc) the sports are on 8 separate worksheets with tables that are to be populated automatically based...
  5. E

    Joining And with Or in an If Statement

    Hi All, The below code was working perfectly, however I want to add an extension to the formula to check that the football column = "yes" and the sport column = either "1" or "2" then I want "no" returned, otherwise go on to the next aspect of the formula. =IF(Football_Column="Yes","12...
  6. N

    formula code to give a score

    Hi All, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a value in cell B2 I would like cell C2 to give a score of either 1,2 or 3 depending on cell B2 So, If B2 score was >4.9, C2 = 3 If B2 was Between 4.8 - 4.4, C2 = 2 If B2 was <4.4, C2 = 1 I'm not very good at this so I was wondering if...
  7. D

    How do I auto transfer rows of data from multiple sheets into a different sheet

    Hello all, I am after some help with excel. I am a PE teacher and need to find a way to cut down the processing time for our athletics carnival scoring system. One way is to use excel to automatically sort through some of the data for me. The problem is Im not savvy enough to set this up and...
  8. S

    Mind Boggling High Jump Rankings

    Hey Everyone Me and my friend are often in charge of scoring the high jump at athletics competitions. At the mo, we are trying to make a spreadsheet that automatically works out the competitor rankings for us as it currently takes us a long time doing it by hand! Can anyone maybe have a read...
  9. S

    Badminton Tournement League

    I have been asked to run a one day Badminton Tournament 8 players against each other. What functions could best do the job of recording the results and transferring them to a league table that can show real time player’s positions.
  10. R

    Scoring System

    Hi, I am trying to create a simple scoring system for sports that use a "legs" and "sets" format (e.g. tennis, darts etc.) I would like the "sets" cell to automatically update as the "legs" cell reaches the required amount of legs to win a set. After that I would like the "sets" cell to...
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