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    Spreadsheet Control 11.0 - data in

    Hi, so I just want populate some cells in a spreadsheet control box on my userform from data in the associated worksheet. I found sample code to get the data out, But can't find an example to get data in. I've tried numerous things like but no joy. I don't get any errors, but nothing...
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    How do I... transfer data from one worksheet to another

    I'm a fairly novice excel user - from a using formulas beyond basic math and formatting pages and I'm facing a hard deadline. I have ~489 row 48 columns that may or may not be marked with "x" to signify that a separate column value needs to be transferred into that cell... I've built a master...
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    Message Box and Spreadsheet Functionality

    Hello! I have a macro that asks the user through a message box to accept or reject the changes made by the macro. However, the excel sheet that needs to be reviewed to accept or reject those changes is fairly large and the user cannot see all the changes without scrolling though the page...
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    Conditional Formatting and Spreadsheet Control?

    Hello :) I have a sheet with some conditional formatting which is going to be running in the background of a user form... On the user form I have a spreadsheet control which I need to populate with values from the worksheet. I there a way I can do so and as well as keep the conditional...
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    Questions using the spreadsheet control on a form

    Just as lots of you have already had to deal with, my Excel app broke when my company moved to from Office 2000 to Office 2007 and the FlexGrid control went away. So I've been fighting with the Spreadsheet control this week, trying to get it to act like FlexGrid, and I have some questions and...

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