sql connections

  1. S

    If #REF then load to Query If #VALUE then don't. Need help with loading #REF records

    Hello, Can you please help me find a workaround to load needed records Is there a way to replace #REF error, but keep #VALUE one ? Or in other way, Is there a way to load #REF records , but exclude #VALUE ones ? If it helps I use the following formula in order to find keywords. And result...
  2. C

    Pivot Table linked to Table suddenly acts like no data exists in table

    Excel 2016. I have a pivot table that is connected to a table that refreshes from an SQL Server Connection. For some reason all of a sudden Everything is blank. I check the Data Source and it is still connected to the Table by name,but now even if I choose the table and create a new pivot table...
  3. R

    Is there a Mr.Excel for SQL users/questions?

    Is there a Mr.Excel for SQL users/questions?:eeek: rmays
  4. D

    Excel AS400 ODBC Parameter - Comma Separated List

    I am connected to an AS400 database using Microsoft Query iSeries ODBC. I want to use a parameter and allow the user to put in a list. i.e. where x.Store NOT IN (003,006,008) I tried entering a parameter (?) here, and referencing a cell, but I keep getting a length error. How do I allow the...
  5. N

    Control part of SQL Query inside External Data Connection from within Excel Workbook.

    Excel 2016 - I have an Excel file that imports a table from SQL Server via a connection created with the Data->Get Data->From Database->From Sql Server Database. As part of the Advanced Options while creating that connection I included a SQL query that basically reads: SELECT...
  6. C

    VBA Macro-Need Help with SQL Refresh

    Hi, I am trying to stop the designated ranges from auto-refreshing in the original VBA code. Whenever you put something in the highlighted ranges it auto-refreshes the file. Thanks for your help! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)If Not Intersect(Target, Range("C3:C6")) Is...
  7. D

    SQL Query reference cell

    I have a sheet with a query that i need to change the date every month. This is ok for me but not an average end user Is it possible to change DECLARE @D Date Set @D = '05/31/2017' to DECLARE @D Date Set @D = Cell reference here ? Or something to that affect Excel 2016
  8. Ombir

    Wait until ADODB connection execute

    Hi Friends, I'm using below code to get count of records in access table which has been updated through sql server through ADODB connection (lcnn). SQL1 = "INSERT INTO [Users] " & _ "Select DISTINCT USER_ID " & _ "FROM " & _ "[ODBC;Driver=SQL Server; " &...
  9. R

    VBA Auto Filter on Server Connection

    Hi All I have created a VBA for filtering a table of values (see below) which works great, the reference used to filter the table is coming from another tab on the sheet. When i try and apply the same type of VBA filter on data table on another tab which is a connection to a SQL server it fails...
  10. P

    Pivot Chart Data Labeling not displaying for all Categories

    Hi, I am using Excel 2013 and have added a pivot chart and also included the Data Labeling. The data is generated in a different sheet using a SQL connection. As soon as the data has been populated and the chart created, only 1 of the Categories displays the Data Labeling. For instance : I...
  11. 9tanstaafl9

    Need help fixing macro that changed ODBC connection string - was VisualFoxPro now SQL

    My reports used to connect to our database using a VisualFoxPro ODBC driver, but the new version of the database requires an SQL connection. I have been able to connect just fine, my problem is that I need to modify the macro that lets me change the database path when the report is given to...
  12. V

    Sql Server with vba

    hiii,, i want to know can we connect to Sql Server through Vba for inserting data into Sql pls help.. i want to store my excel data into database to generate reports from them... is it possible through vba.. pls guide me..
  13. M

    Can't view SQL database tables in Data Connection Wizard

    Hello We have a SQL database in Azure setup but we can't connect to the tables in Excel 2007. We're selecting Data, From Other Sources, then From SQL Server and enter the server address / port alongside the relevant username and password. We can see the database "HS" in the database...
  14. C

    Error in VBA Excel-SQL coding as “Application-defined or object-defined error”

    I am relatively experienced in VBA coding, but I am totally new in MS SQL server 2008. I am trying to export an Excel table like below to a SQL server: A B C D E 1 Name Year ID 2 Jill 2015 17 3 Jack 2012 13 4 Mike 1999 25 5...
  15. B

    Data from SQL Database not refreshing when running a macro

    Hi All, I have an excel file with quite a few connections to a SQL server. The excel file is fully automated which refreshes data when a single cell input is updated by the user. If I open this file and manually change the input, all data refreshes without any problems. However, since I need to...

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