1. A

    SQL Server Parameter transfer

    I am trying to update a record at SQL Server by using parameters. The VBA-code does not initiate an error, but the files at SQL Server Table are not updatet with worksheet data. Can anybody see what I am doing wrong? Description = Range("E42").Value Mitigation = Range("E51").Value...
  2. E

    Problem connecting SQL to PowerPivot

    Hi all, I am a frequent Excel user and want to learn about Power Pivot, as I will have to handle very large datasets. So I began to read tutorials and saw that SQL is very often a source of data. I installed SQL server 2012 on my laptop and wanted to begin working with...
  3. L

    Measurement in the Table

    Goal: Have a measurement for each PK_test row based on sum of all its quantity from productNumber. PK_test qty productNumber ----------------------------------------------- 1 5 asdf 2 4 asdf 3...
  4. L

    SP and Views in Tabular

    Is it possible to create some stored procedure and Views with DAX code in SQL server 2012 SSAS tabular?
  5. L

    Customized Table inside of VS project

    If you have a fact table that you have uloaded från SQL server to VS2010 SSAS tabular with this table and its data: Table A PK_test qty productNumber ----------------------------------------------- 1 5 asdf 2 4 asdf 3...
  6. H

    Inserting data from sqlserver to Excel and vice versa automatically ?

    The below code brings me data from sqlserver, however when im loading back I can only make changes to the first 3 rows on the spreadsheet. When I edit the 4th row I get he error "You can only edit items inside the table". Anybody knows a solution for this? :eeek: ' General variables we'll...
  7. K

    Want to use Excel2010 cell as primary key parameter for SQLSERVER 2008 query

    I want to use the Connection functionality in Excel 2010 to connect to a SQLSERVER 2008 database and populate column X based upon using a value in Excel column A as the primary key (loop thru the column), but unable to find out how. I have tried (typing in the command text window) select...

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