stack columns

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    Excel TABLE - VBA to move cell from one table to another

    New to VBA and trying to piece together a macro but the table part is causing me problems. I have multiple "3 or 4 column" tables on a worksheet. I want to move a cell value by Double Clicking the cell on one table, then click anywhere on another table to move that cell value to that table...
  2. L

    Stack columns for large datasets (slow code) + run down to blank cell

    Dear forum, I'm looking for a clean and light way to transform the way my data is stated. I succeeded in writing a code to stack several columns on top of another, running from the first row downwards to the first blank cell and jumping to the next column. As is shown in the table below, the...
  3. F

    Stack Multiple columns into one on Master sheet

    Hi Everyone, I would like to create a vba that helps 1) Create a master sheet 2) Loop through all worksheets starting with " Data" 3) Copy column DH onwards to last column and stack them in one column on Master sheet , pasting them as values 4) If master sheet exists, to just replace...
  4. D

    Stacking Many Columns into one Column

    Hi, I have a sheet with "raw data" with many columns (74+) and i need to stack them into one specific column on another sheet. This specific column has data already in it and above it. Basically, I need to take specific columns and stack them into one column on another worksheet where there is...
  5. K

    Stack the data into columns into rows

    I have a large dataset with product related data in different columns for each data. <tbody> Date Product A Product A Product B Product B Qty Value Qty Value 01-09-2017 50 1000 40 800 02-09-2017 60 1200 20 400 </tbody> I want to make it columner base dataset...
  6. R

    Cluster & Stacked Bar Chart

    Does anyone know how to do a 3D bar chart that is both clustered and stacked like in this picture.
  7. N

    Stack multiple columns into two colums in pairs of two

    <table><tbody><tr><td class="votecell"> </td> <td class="postcell"> I'm new to excel and VBA and I'm stuck at this problem. I have columns A through AKP (A:AKP) with data, and there is a varied number of rows for each column. If possible, I need a macro that will...
  8. M

    Stack Column and Shapes in Excel

    Hi All, I am not able to work on the Stack Column Chart in VBA. One main reason i understood from the debug was its not able to reference to particular chart when it becomes active. Help on this would be very much appreciated. And second aspect is if there is any workaround in working out...
  9. S

    Stacking Columns - Comparing 2 stacked columns by month

    Is it possible to show two stacked columns for each y axis? I have tried to use a secondary axis but this gives me an overlapping of the 2 columns, when i need the 2 stacked columns to be side by side. I am trying to show analysis of revenue and cost for two telephone numbers, side by side for...

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