1. A

    Stacking columns

    Hey everyone! this is my first of many questions i'm sure to have, excited to be on this forum to better my knowledge of excel. I have a question about stacking data, i have a data set in which 3 columns need to be in the same column to count them. I have a manual process of copying each...
  2. Z

    Help With Unpivoting / Stacking Columns

    Hi, I am not a frequent user of VBA, but have been tasked with developing a macro to re-structure survey results for reporting purposes. I was really hoping someone could help me with the code since I'm honestly at a loss at this point. First, I should reference my question is somewhat along the...
  3. C

    stacking in Excel using VBA

    I would like to try to use my Function I have been using in Excel in a VBA code to do stacking in EXCEL. I have some data that is coming out of a program in a formate that is not usable and needs to be reformated. The function I use is...
  4. K

    Transposing Multiple Rows into Stackable Column

    <tbody> 03-558 Erol 03-559 Todd </tbody> Hello All, I'm a high beginner at this but I guess I'm a really good researcher because this got me pretty close to what I need. I just need it to run on every sheet and break off when it is done with the last sheet. <tbody> 03-558 Erol...
  5. R

    Stacking multiple columns into one column without including 0 or Blanks

    <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Program X Program Y Stack 12345 54321 12345 23451 43215 23451 34512 32154 34512 45123 21543 45123 FMPU 0 FMPU 0 0 54321 43215 0 0 32154 0 21543 </tbody> Is there a way, formula or VBA, to stack column A and...
  6. K

    multiple data points with identical coordinates in scatterplots

    I am doing some simple 2-D scatterplots in Excel. For example, "grade in course" by "total number of questions correct on final exam." Is there a way to show multiple data points with identical coordinates in these 2-D scatterplots? For example, if two people both got 26 questions correct on...

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