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    Possibly a VBA command needed

    Hello All! I am trying to build a excel sheet that can do the following. When some one selects a yes or no (from the list) in Column B it than copies the Cell E10 and pastes special text/value only into the corresponding row Cell E. Eg click yes on B4 pastespecial the static date and time E4...
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    Static date auto entry

    Hello Excel World, I have a workbook full of templates and when the workbook is opened I would like for the date field (cell d4) to auto enter a static (one that does not change) into the cell. Can someone please help the code to do this. I can get the date to populate but it changes to the...
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    Staticdate() designed in 2003 not working in 2010

    Hi everyone. I have designed a spreadsheet in 2003 which uses staticdate in a formula e.g. =IF(C34="y",StaticDate()). It works perfectly fine in Excel 2003 but when I open it in Excel 2010 it returns the current date i.e. the date the spreadsheet is being opened on. When I re-open in in 2003...
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    Static Date - across several sheets

    <code>Hi, Having searched </code><code>MANY </code><code>previous threads I have finally found the following code that was submitted by phamtom1975 back in Dec 2003 and it works wonderfully, where if 1 is entered into A1 then the current date and time is put into E1. Private Sub...

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