1. E

    Typing Statistical Symbols like X̅ in Excel

    How to a write statistical symbols like X-bar, X̅, in Excel. I also want to write Y-bar and d-bar. I am using Excel 16.29 on a Mac. eddiev10025
  2. vds1

    Set of amounts that sums to zero

    <tbody> ID_SPAR ID_ITOR AMOUNT DESIRED OUTPUT 3221876 4448945 -51471.74 Matched 3221876 4448945 -54452.02 Investigate 3221876 4448945 22239.20 Matched 3221876 4448945 29232.54 Matched 3227654 4448974 -28956.90 Matched 3227654 4448974 -25917.90 Investigate 3227654 4448974 28956.90...
  3. Z

    Statistical Tests

    Hello. Do you guys have an idea how to do the following tests in MS Excel? 1. Pearson Correlation 2. t-test 3. F-test Thank you in advance.
  4. G

    Question on running data analysis in Excel

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to running data analysis in Excel, have a decent statistical understanding but not with regards to Excel. I figured out how to get the data analysis tools but am having trouble getting my exact setup for my data. The data I'm trying to build off of is this: I want to...
  5. S

    Statistics Help on Excel

    How do you find the statistical difference between a slope of -0.09 and a slope of 0? What steps would you need to do to figure it out? What statistical analysis would you need to do?
  6. W

    How to Adjust the Axes to Accurately Show Data [Box Plot]

    Hello, So, I am trying to create a box plot of a statistical breakdown. My statistical breakdown does have negative values and I was able to make a box plot to account for the negative values by using a first and secondary axis. Right now, my problem is that I am not sure how to adjust the box...
  7. L

    Applying Excel to Statistics

    To whomever is reading this, I have been given a series of questions by my boss in order to try taking statistical problems and using excel functions in order to derive the answers. I am completely new to both the fields of excel and statistics and would like some guidance on how to go about...
  8. S

    Statistical Prediction

    I have a table which has 8 Columns. I have data put in weekly for the last 3 years with the example being below. What i want is a formula that will predict what the next 6 months of data would be in rows ranging from batch 103 onwards. I need a simple formula with cell references that take into...
  9. M

    Returning Value from Time Ranges

    Hi Everyone I have a data table that shows a list of times Trailers were tipped, from which site in time order such as <tbody> Date Despatch Site Time of Trailer Unloaded 28/02/2016 MD01 06:13 28/02/2016 KA09 06:56 28/02/2016 MD19 07:42 </tbody> I then on a separate sheet have a...
  10. J

    Urgent Help needed

    Gurus, i have the below worksheet. what i need help is the statistical selection that for each group there is equal chance of selection of cities based on the Ethnicity. each group need to have diverse selection meaning at least one from each athnicity and when in the last groups when some...

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