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    St Dev If doesn't seem to calculating correctly

    I'm using a Standard Deviation + If formula: =STDEV.P(IF('Numerical Results'!$A$2:$A$415='St Dev'!A2,'Numerical Results'!$B$2:$B$415)) and have entered using CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER This appeared to be working correctly. I decided to spot check a couple of the results to be sure, so I filtering the...
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    Ignore Zeros with STDEVP

    I'm trying to create formula that will calculate the population standard deviation that ignores all zeros. For example, I want to get a result of 5.969309262 instead of 9.393982839 when I calculate the population standard deviation of the following list: 17 19 12 0 25 25 9 24 0 How do I need...

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