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    Trouble Copying from txt file to Excel - pastes into one cell only

    Hello. I'm trying to paste from a txt file into Excel. I can successfully paste into ONE cell, but I need it to paste into multiple cells. E.g. the txt file looks like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 With my code below (admittedly pilfered from someone else!), it pastes into A1, but it pastes ALL data into...
  2. S

    File System Object

    Good Morning, I'm working on an error handler and stumbled upon this wonderful section of code, available from Anyway, I don't want to enable File System Object in my reference library so I tried modifying some script to this Dim...
  3. W

    HTML Format Question

    Is it possible to specify a font and size and maybe color for only one line? 'sig ssig = vbLf _ & vbLf _ & vbLf _ & sname _ ' would like to specify font and size and color here only & vbLf _ & ttl _ & vbLf _ & " Division" _ & vbLf _ & "8120 Way" _ &...
  4. B

    Copy data from .txt file to an Excel worksheet in a workbook that is not open

    I need to copy all of the data in a text file and then paste it into a specific worksheet in an excel workbook that is not open. Most of the info I have found is for the active worksheet, not what I am looking for. Been working on this longer than I should have. It keeps quitting when it gets...

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