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    Multiple Stock Tickers from Yahoo Finance

    I saw the following request: How do I set up a web query in excel and make it dynamic for yahoo finance? I’d like to have a reference cell for the ticker symbol of which the web query references this cell. Therefore when the query is refeshed it reflects the stock ticker in the reference cell...
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    Excel Range Display

    Hello, I am working on a home use excel stock spreadsheet, I have cells for stock's Current Price, 52 Wk Low and 52 Wk High... What I am trying is to show Current Price on a Horizontal Line, made of 52wk Low on Left Side and 52wk High on Right side... Also the Horizontal Line should be divided...
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    Forecast function

    I have data for dates and the closing price of a stock for each date. I need to forecast the next one. I'm not sure what to do because the dates are a different data value than the prices and I get N/A. Do you know what other calculation(s) I need to do to complete the problem? Thanks.

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