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    Excel 2010 yahoo historical stock query stopped working as of 5/9/17

    I have been using the following Excel 2010 VBA code daily in a number of programs to download historical stock data for many years until last week when stopped working (ERR 1004 - unable to open in line 20). I have searched the internet for many days to no avail regarding a change in the web...
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    Importing Stock Data into Excel for Multiple Symbols

    So I've been playing with MSN's MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes to pull in data, and it works great. But this connection doesn't bring in certain data I'm looking for (Bid/ask price and bid/ask sizes). I can get this if I grab external data via the web, but only for a single symbol. What...
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    Stock quote question

    Hello everyone, I am trying to learn VB for stock quoting. I want to quote the index from this site. I would like to quote Nominal, High, Low and Turnover values in the blue boxes. And P/E ratio in the table. and export it...
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    Stock Prices in Excel 2007 with Windows 7

    I was using the MSN Money add-in in excel 03 to download stock prices into an excel sheet, but haven't been able to get the add-in for 07. Does anyone know of a free way to pull multiple stock prices into a workbook? Delayed quotes are fine and I don't mind having to manually update prices...

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