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    How do I stop a userform from filling a row?

    I'm well experienced with Excel but I'm fairly new to VBA. I have a userform that will enter values into the next empty row when the "Enter" button is clicked. The issue I'm having is that, after the next empty row is filled, if the user hits the enter button again it fills the next row with the...
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    Macro to Look for value in Column and stop running other macro code if found.

    Hello. I am looking for a macro code that I can use to look down all of column "A" and check for any cell that has the word "Error". If "Error" is found, I want to stop running the remainder of the macro code and generate a pop up box warning of error. It would be awesome if there was a continue...
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    Is there a way to stop 1 macro activating another macro

    Is there a way to stop a macro activating a Worksheet_Change sub? I need the macro to not activate the Worksheet_Change sub as it causes the macro to take a long time to run. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks J
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    Stop Macro if condition not met

    Hello, I have a macro that works fine. It is executed from a control button. I would like the macro to stop / end if the data in cell b17 is null. How to I place this code into my existing macro? Thanks! Al
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    Opt out of File browser/ Macro

    Folks: If I get the file browser prompt and decide not to open a file, how can I get the macro to not perform actions on the current workbook? (Sometimes excel forces the actions on current workbook when you do not open a file as instructed by the macro). How do you stop that macro from...
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    Display Error Message and Stop VBA Process when Text Not Found

    I've got an Excel tool I built to analyze reports. The tool works fine, but after it finishes deleting the info I'm not interested in, it occasionally ends up with no findings. This is good, but confusing to some others who may need to use my tool. What I would like to do is enter new VBA Code...

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