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    Excel 2013 Query stopped working

    For the last several yrs I have queried a URL and downloaded that table to a worksheet then used the data to populate another sheet. The query no longer loads the table data, only general info from the page. here is the URL...
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    VBasic - command buttons stopped working

    I have a Mastermind game sheet that uses many command buttons. After several YEARS(!), it suddenly stopped working. I'm using Excel 2010 at the office but the workbook is saved as Excel 97-2003 for compatibility with my home PC (this has worked fine for years). The buttons are all enabled and...
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    excel crashing when 'macro' icon is hit

    I have a set of macros I run in the course of preparing a weekly report. The first macro is used to clear out unneeded columns from a database dump (I can't control the outfeed and get more columns than I need). I run the same macro on 4 different sets of data, each output from a separate...
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    Excel has stopped working.

    I have a macro that does not have any issues until it hits the following module that I have used many times before. The program does everything it was intended to do and emails the completed document to the next person. Then it closes the workbook using the following code. Public Function...
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    Stopped the flicker then added a protect/unprotect to the macro and flicker started up again??

    Hi there, I have the code below that hides rows if the test cell is 0 or blank. The screen on sheet 1, which drives the results for this "Q U O T E" Sheet, was flickering badly when every drop down box or tick box was selected. I Fixed that with "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" However...
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    Macro ran yesterday doesn't run today

    I have a file, that has some sheets that are protected at times and are open at other times (depends on who needs to use them). In it, there are two macros used to make the reports contained in the file update show current activity. The file is one of thirty that are set up the same way. All...

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