1. M

    Calculating Prorate Storage Cost

    Hi all, Kindly help me on this issue (or please refer another thread with similar case as mine if there is any). The case is as follow: I need to calculate the storage charge of my item (let's say SKU A) which need to be paid only once the item is out of storage, the movement type is FIFO, and...
  2. P

    Dynamic Find and Replace

    This is my first post, so apologies if I miss anything out! I have a selection of data in a Worksheet and I am currently using a find and replace array to correct some data before it get put into a Pivot Table. The problem I am stumped with is that the source cell (Column D) can contain a...
  3. L

    Saving an Excel workbook to multiple cloud storage (Onedrive,Google Drive,Dropbox)

    Currently I have a workbook on my C drive called Legends in a folder called Multimusic which I currently have to do three Save (Save As)actions in order to put it in a folder with the same name in my Onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox storage. Ideally I would like to automate the workbook...
  4. D

    Referencing cell in another workbook

    First, I want to thank all the awesome people who have helped me so far. I've managed to streamline my tasks significantly with the VBA help that the people on this forum have provided. Thank you so much! Now, my current bit of tinkering. I use a single file that has my macros programmed into...
  5. S

    cell formula to get storage rate

    Hello, I am having trouble putting this formula together, and any help would be much appreciated. Storage: 7 free calendar days including devan date > $3.50 per cbm, or $50 min charge for next 5 days, 12th day - additional $3.50 per cbm per day - no min Cell H4 is a completed date H5 is the...
  6. M

    fiter blank cell and copy paste from another cell

    I need solution for below condition in VBA eg. 1) filter to Column AI for "Blank" 2) filter to column G for "Storage" 3) and print that storage in selected blank cell of column AI
  7. L

    xls application for iOS that allows local storage or dropbox storage?

    Hi Excellers! Best wishes for 2019!! Is it possible to save Excel spreadsheets to local storage or to attached storage (lightning to usb adapter)? Any solution? It seems Excel for iOS forces one to a) login (to a MS account presumably...) b) store files to the MS cloud I've had numerous...
  8. B

    Compare Two Pairs of Cells and Mark Rows with Matches

    Hey Guys - I have two worksheets which each have about 6 columns. Examples below... Worksheet #1 Example (Original) A B C D E F G PCModel1 PCManufacturer1 Value Storage CPU Link1 Link2 PCModel2 PCManufacturer1...
  9. R

    Warehousing and Storage Cost Calculation Question

    I’m trying to figure out a formula that does this: I want 12 columns for each month. In these columns will be calculations that adds the cost of storage based on the number of days that particular item is being stored. The first 15 days of storage is free, then .50 afterwards. How can I have...
  10. T

    Index & Match to ignore blanks

    Hi team, hoping you can help with the index,match formula to find the occurrence where the storage unit is not blank (or zero). The formula is referring to a table (called "Runners") in another sheet. The table is refreshed every hour throughout the day to bring in new data. Unfortunately there...
  11. S

    Stock Storage Find The Right Location For Each Item

    Hi am trying to put set or rules for my stock in storage i have got different sizes storage room and different sizes items i have made a set of rules of my items example any item less then 10-8-8cm = 640 cm cube (Group 1 ) 20-10-10cem = 2000 cm cube (Group 2 ) and the storage name and size...
  12. K

    Allocation Order Formulas

    Hello, I work for a real estate company that does not want to invest in property management software. Every property has a report that is set up in Excel to keep track of rent payments, etc. If the tenant pays for storage or parking in addition to rent, then the payments must first be...
  13. S

    If(AND Multiple Logic issues - Backup Tape Spreadsheet

    Hello People, This is my first post on - apologies for not posting an introduction and diving straight into the issue I'm having with my Excel Formula. Basically, I have a tape storage record which I record all backup tape information. I have added an additional column called...
  14. R

    Drop Down Menu Value Storage

    Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help with this very strange problem. I have a drop down menu that conditionally populates the other cells with information based on what is chosen from the drop down menu. E.G: you click "January 2012" and it brings up values associated with January's...
  15. H

    Data in multiple cells within a merged cell is possible!

    Hi, Actually, I don't have a question, so I'm not exactly sure where to post this. I have no formal experience with excel, everything I know is self-taught. Love your site! I have often seen it mentioned that data cannot be stored in separate parts of a merged cell. This is not true. It...

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