stored procedures

  1. A

    Create SQL table from Excel VBA

    Hello - I have the following table in Excel <tbody> SLCo SL CompCode APRef Amount Release 101 19 CM 967 5000 101 19001-01P CM 19001-0719 10500 X 101 123546-A CM 123658-1 15000 X 101 56875-4 CM 9856-7A 7500 X 101 32587-4 CM 5647-8 21500 </tbody> Using VBA on a button, I'd like...
  2. B

    View Stored Proc Command Text in a Cell

    Hi, I'm working on a Macro that is working intermittently to change the Command Text in a Stored Proc connection property. e.g. exec dbo.usp_ShepherdBonusDataBreakdown 'Sonya Taylor',7,2013 Changes to [SurveyorName] based upon 'Variables' Range "E4" With Workbooks("Surveyor Statement...
  3. S

    Output from stored procedures

    I am trying to use some stored procedures in Oracle. I've tried to use the upload-function with objConnection.Execute "BEGIN upload_from_excel(1, 2, 3 ,4); END;", but I don't know how to get any response if the query didn't run successfully. Is there a way to do this in VBA? I've found that I...
  4. megnin

    How to call a Stored Procedure with parameters

    Hi, I've tried adapting some VBA code from other posts and I'm not having any luck with this. I could really use some help. I have a Stored Procedure in my SQL 2005 database called: sp_Count_All_YN_Answers_WTP It contains these parameters: @OneStop varchar(50) = '%', @CaseManagerLName...

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