1. C

    Which one cost more memory to run?

    Dear forum users, I'm sure there's answer to this on Google but I can't seem to find it. I'm used to storing data in VBA arrays and/or collections. But that can sometimes be hard to visualise when I have so many of them. The other way is just to store it on the worksheet! It is easier to...
  2. M

    Storing answer to formula in VBA to be used later in code

    Hi, I want to calculate a figure and store the answer as a variable to then be used later in the code. At the moment I have the formula, but obviously, it puts this into the cells I have specified rather than storing it in the memory. Dim Data As Workbook Set Data = Workbooks("Data Today")...
  3. A

    Storing the value in a cell into a variable

    I'm having problems to get this done: On a sheet named "sheet3" store the value in cell A3 into a variable called r. I'd appreciate any help or ideas. Tks, Anderson
  4. D

    Storing work sheets from other Workbook into One Excel work book

    Dear Mr. Jury, Please help me for storing all worksheets from Workbooks into One Excell Book. Thanks and Regards, DINAUKAUR
  5. A

    Lookup the value from one sheet and saved to another sheet

    Hello Excel Experts, I want to save the data from Data Entry Sheet to Storing Sheet. At data Entry sheet E1 cells have a unique number same as allready saved in Storing Sheet at Column E. I want to save the data from Data Entry Sheet to Storing Sheet by using push button. Lookup the number from...
  6. rjplante

    Run time error

    I am trying to build a macro that will copy the cells from C2 to the bottom of the column across several sheets and paste them into one column on the first worksheet. When I run the macro below, it crashes on the "set rng..." line with the error, "Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of...
  7. J

    Excel file too large to manage

    I work in an excel file every week, and the file size is so large it crashes my PC. Is there any way to get around this? Would storing the file in sharepoint be a way of not using my PC's memory to open the file?
  8. M

    Storing and and later analyzing data

    My knowledge of excel is rather limited as you can read from the request below, however I would appreciate any assistance or advise on the matter. I work in admissions and we are inputting weekly group bookings for one year in advance. We are taking bookings for every week in July and August...
  9. D

    Return Value at end of Macro

    In the macro posted below, I have two values I input in A1 and A2. These values are used and then cleared. Is there a way to have these values returned at the very end of the macro into Results!D2 and Results!D3? Sub ATest() Dim i As Integer Dim lrow As Long Dim irow As Long Dim Cn As...
  10. V

    Storing a huge data in a variable to write it back to XMl files

    Hi All, I am having a huge data like below <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE IMPORTPARAMS SYSTEM "impcntl.dtd"> <!--IMPORTPARAMS This inputs the options and inputs required for import operation --> Every starting < and ending > is a new line How to store in Excel with...

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