string as range

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    Replacing < and > with numbers using If Then loop

    I want to scan a column of numbers that occasionally contain some values that have either "< 0.000" or a "> 10" listed. When I find them, I need to write a slightly different string set to an adjacent column. I also need to write an integer to a third column as a FLAG. So when I find the "<...
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    How can I use a string from a text box as a reference for a range in excel vba?

    Hi! I'm quite a newbie to VBA macros and I am in urgent need. I created a Userform to save some time with copy and pasting excel content. Now I have the following issue: I get a string output from a Userform - Textbox (txtHRS_ANW). I created exactly the same names as named ranges. Now I want to...
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    reading a string and only outputting the integers

    Hi I am trying to right a code that can read a set of strings that contains numbers and letters and I want to output only the numbers here is what i have Function ExtractNumber(rCell As Range) Dim iCount As Integer Dim i As Integer Dim sText As String Dim lNum As Long For iCount = Len(sText)...
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    Converting vba string to a range

    I'm currently trying to copy a dynamic range based on the row number of a selected listbox item. I'm able to get the row number of the selected listbox item from the data tab in my file. I, however, am stuck when it comes to copying a fixed column / varying row range from this tab and copying it...
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    Need String As Range & Need Contents of Cell Developed Into This Code

    So this code works fine (it was provided by another member here at Sub GetTextOrHtmlFromIe() 'Standard module code, like: Module1. Dim bln As Boolean Dim NPOFile$, myFile$ Dim ie As Object, objDoc As Object, f As Object, fs As Object Const strMsg As String = "To get a text...
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    Selecting non sequenced cells in a range

    Hi, I'm trying to use the SUM function with non sequenced cell but the Range or any other function won't allow me to activate the selecting cells if there are more then 41 cell, I wrote somthing like so: Sub Test() Dim str AS String Dim R AS Range str = "A1,A3 ...... ,A57" 'this is only an...

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