string comparisons

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    Can't find difference between two cells

    I am having trouble finding out why there is a difference between two cells that appear to contain the same thing. Each cell contains "Mickey Mantle". I checked by using LEN but it says both cells contain 13 characters. I tried using EXACT, and EXACT returns a FALSE result. Then I used the...
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    Find first two words in a string and compare to another with VBA

    Hello VBAers, What I am trying to do isn't very complicated, but I'm having some trouble figuring out how best to do this. I started on some code, but it's just not good enough to do all of what needs to happen. <tbody> A B C 1 Cupcake Monster Aisle 5 Shelf H 2 The Cupcake Ghoul Aisle 2...
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    VBA MAcro for integrating one dokument in another

    Hello, I'm a beginner in the VBA jungle, I really need help! I have one workbook containing customer namnes, customer codes and more. The other workbook containes the same names but different information. What I whant to do is to take the information from the second workbook and integrate that...

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