string formating

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    If period "." located in string, return "File", else return "DIR"

    Dear all, I have been tasked with reviewing network directories and files to etsablish when the directories and files were last accessed. This being in an effort to remove redundant directories and data that is no longer being used. I have used the command line to extract the required data...
  2. S

    Converting a string into a particular Date Format

    I have a large no of strings(left hand side of arrow) and i need to convert them into Date format(right hand side of arrow) in Excel. 19,690,408 --->> 04/08/1969 19,610,419 --->> 04/19/1961 19,560,107 --->> 01/07/1956 Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
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    Switching position of last name & first name strings without affecting position of an existing middle name string

    My data shows employee names in the following convention; lastname middlename firstname e.g. Persie Van Robin. I need to format the order of the name so that it appears as firstname middlename lastname e.g. so it appears as Robin Van Persie. A middlename will in many cases not exist. My macro...
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    Format String number in Textbox

    I have a textbox which contains a positive or negative number. But if the number is negative, rather than displaying a "-", for example '-.25', I want to display as (.25), in parenthesis. How can I do that?

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