string manipulation

  1. D

    VBA Function that replaces placeholders in a string

    i am currently trying to make a VBA function that replaces placeholders in a string with a value on an excel spreadsheets. I'd like it to be able to take any number of placeholders, for example: {} are not {}. input values for the function: Dogs, Cats Therefore, the function would return ...
  2. L

    Pick out a string from within a string

    Hi guys, I am doing a WinHTTPRequest API call. The response is stored in a variable called responseText. Somewhere in that string will be "videoID": "xxxxxxxxxxx" The objective here is to pull out the 11 "x" characters and write them in a string. The GET request sample looks exactly like...
  3. D

    String Manipulation

    I have some data that I want to edit on my worksheet. The data looks like this: CX=John Doe. I want to get rid of the, "CX=" part and just have the first and last name.
  4. H

    Make a formula more efficient and lose volatility

    Hello people, I created some time ago a spreadsheet that my team uses to keep a record of some work that we do. The basic format is that each task takes up a row of the spreadsheet, with an Id, Title etc and a cell containing any notes that people may add to the task. This notes field has text...
  5. B

    Text Manipulation Puzzle

    I am given a spreadsheet with 1 column. In this column, is a long string containing a variable list of gps coordinates. The syntax of the string is always the same, like this: LINESTRING(lat lon, lat lon, lat lon) My problem is that I need to switch each coordinate to be lon lat instead of...
  6. A

    vba convert "lastname, firstname" to "firstname lastname"

    Does anyone know a good vba function to take a string containing a name formatted as: lastname, firstname and convert it to firstname lastname? something like: Sub convertIt() Dim myName, newName as String myName = "Smith, Bob" newName = convertName(myName) MsgBox = newName End Sub Function...
  7. J

    SUMPRODUCT with LEFT or RIGHT function combination

    Hi All Gurus, <TABLE style="WIDTH: 276pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=367 x:str><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2560" width=70><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" width=64><COL style="WIDTH: 59pt; mso-width-source...
  8. D

    Reading string delimited

    I have a string that looks something like this: strVar = "string1;string2;string3;string4" but sometimes strVar = "string1;string2" The variable, strVar, can have various number of strings, but always delimited by semicolon. I need to create a loop to read each string1, string2...
  9. L

    VBA String Manipulation Help

    Hello, I need help with manipulating strings in VBA. For example I would like to convert: CALL GOOG:US 12AUG2011 560 into GOOG1112H565-US CALL C:US 21JAN2012 40 into C1221A40-US PUT ABX:CA 21JAN2014 30 into ABX1421M30-T Format would be.. ie first example..: SYMBOL (GOOG) YEAR (11) DAY (12)...
  10. J

    Tricky VBA function

    Have some pretty basic data, just a college timetable with times going down in 1 column and room numbers across the way in 1 row. I want to create a function that given a time as a string (eg "9am"), returns a time in the twenty four hour clock (eg 0900). Need help.
  11. M

    String manipulation

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/>...
  12. badinvestor

    Delete Text from String

    Hi all, I have what I think is a simple question but can't quite get it. I have the following table and 700+ rows, what I'm looking to do is either by macro or formula find a way to remove all the chars ACDRUVQ from col E and have remaining char(s) put into col F. I have tried a combo of =MID...
  13. 2

    String manipulation

    Hello Friends Could you please help me with the following? In one of my tables I have column Address. Typical address looks like 6158 1313Street Suit12 I need it to appear like Suit12 6158 1313Street. Not all the addresses have Suit in them. Thanks for your help Rajesh
  14. G

    Parsing Names & String Manipulation

    I am new to this site and drsarao's work on this thread was awesome: I tried to PM him, but no reply. I have a cemetery spreadsheet that I need to work on (hobby) and I need to parse the names (50,000 names). If I give you some...
  15. N

    Extract a delimited string

    I have rows of strings in a column like below Agent Name & ID: Daniel Hina - 113816 I need to extract the names which is delimited by : and - I understand that this would require a combination of mid and find formulas but am unable to write a working formula Can someone help
  16. D

    Parsing Names in Separate Cells

    Need assistance on a smart formula (no VBA) that will reverse the order of a list of names - parsing into separate columns. The formula needs to be able to recognize/distinguish that if a comma(s) is present, then the names are listed as last, first middle. If there is a period this means...
  17. G

    Help with String Manipulation

    Trying to parse a field with c:\external\tampa\files\divisions. example Want to only put the 2nd directory. i.e tampa This is what I was thinking. I would need to subtract out the c:\external and get a right string up to the next slash. Please assist. =LEFT(A1,12)...

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