sub folder


    How to list all Path, Filenames & Filesizes

    I have some coding (from ) to get filesize. Public Function FileSize() Dim FSO As Object Set FSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject") FileSize = FSO.FileSize("C:\Windows\Windows.exe") End Function...
  2. L

    Search through folders and subfolders to find a file and open it.

    Hi I have started this macro but I am having a problem (Labeled '????? below). I am tring to find a file which is typically .doc/docx/.pdf within a folder or its subbfolders then open it if found. Can anyone modify my solution below to to alos searchthrough all subfolders? file =...
  3. T

    Open files within sub folders

    Hi I found some code on Mr Excel where it will go into sub folders and get the names of all the files within these folders (see below) but i wanted to know if there was anyway i could amend this so it opens the files up in name or date order? Private Sub recurseSubFolders(ByRef Folder As...

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