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    Looping through all files in all subfolders within selected directory

    I have a set of code written to update some cells in a number of excel files that all share the same general format. I am able to get this code to work on all files within a folder but we literally have a directory of hundreds of subfolders organizing our files. I need to be able to loop...
  2. M

    VBA subdirectory search Excel 2007 challenge

    Hello to All, first I would like to thank everybody using this website and posting resolutions to problems. It has helped me many times in similar problems I had. Now to my current problem. I have a list of file names in Row A on a spreadsheet in Excel 2007. I have in Row B the starting...
  3. J

    Loop through all .xls files in subdirectories of a directory

    Hello All, I am having a bit of trouble with a bit of code. I have a bunch of code that I want to run on all excel files that live one level down from my main directory. I have a general directory (orders) which contains a variable amount of subfolders each month (in picture below, 'Dan'...

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