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    Filter Report with SubForm after filtering from Form - Confused already?

    Hi everyone, I wonder if you are able to assist me at all? I am using Access 2010 and am attempting to build an internal skills database for my organisation. I am almost there, but am struggling with the final hurdle... I have designed a form, which opens automatically when the database is...
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    Optional Filters based on Combo Boxes

    I have a tab page with a data sheet subform that lists all the records for the linked field in the master form. I am trying to set up two simple filters on the tab page with unbound combo boxes using this approach: Private Sub ComboFilterSpp_AfterUpdate() If IsNull(Me.ComboFilterSpp) Then...
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    Glitch in subform/main form linking?

    On my form I have a list box containing manager names. Below that list box is a subform. This subform shows the multiple store associated with that manager, multiple programs associated with each store, a percentage for each program, and a yes/no column. The form is used to add and delete...
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    Subform Filter from Mainform ComboBox

    Hi guys, 1st time poster, long time lurker ; ) I know this issue has been covered a number of times, but I've been experiencing problems applying the various solutions listed to my problem. Basically, I have a form (frmCompany) which lists Company Details and a linked subform...

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