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    How can I search a similar item - so stuck on this!

    So I have a rather large excel spreadsheet with a list of items and their codes, eg: 3652 Milk 1ltr 6743 Milk 2ltr 9287 Milk 3ltr 7264 Cheese 200g 7635 SC Cheese 120g I am trying to create something whereby I type one of the numbers into a cell (say F2) and in the cell next to it...
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    Using substitution with a changing value

    Hi, In cell a1 I have the following text "45 students fail test 5 of report" ok so I want to remove test 5 from the cell so I used =subsitiution(a1,"test 5","") and this worked but my cell a1 the number of test keep changing from test 1 to test 2 all the way up top test 9, so all I want to do...

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