1. G

    Index, match 2 criteria, pull data

    Hello! Trying to get an index match, or whatever formula I need to get a sheet to work. Code currently pulls N/A. I'm trying to match the Heading Title then subtitle and finally pull the data around it. =INDEX(Data!C5:M40,MATCH(1,(Sheet1!E4=Data!C4:N4)*(Sheet1!A5=Data!A5:A31),0)) Here is...
  2. D

    (VBA) error adding Title and Subtitle to PowerPoint Slide

    Hi all, i have a 2-3 cells in an Excel sheet, which i read as title and subtitle values for a Powerpoint slide. The title is written without problem, but i get error for the subtitle. my code: PP_Slide.Shapes.Placeholders.Item(1).TextFrame.TextRange.Text = "Test Title " &...
  3. H

    Subtitle Formatting Help

    Hi Not sure how to go about doing this. I want to time the text of subtitle so it displays the specific text at the right time. I have column A which is the starting frame number. Column C is the Text and they are different lengths in each row. Column A Column C 00003 This is...

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