1. M

    Faster Way to Subtotal with VBA?

    Hey everyone, I have a macro that contains a series of subtotaling based on criteria, and it seems to add the most time to the entire macro to execute. It is a decent set of data, 500-700 rows at a time, and subtotaling several things in succession. Is there a command to do it faster than the...
  2. I

    help needed to subtotal a sheet with variable rows from month to month

    I have a report that is ran once a month and each sheet in the report has a variable number of rows each month. I have used the macro recorder to subtotal each sheet, but on sheets with more rows, the code does not include them in subtotal. I have tried using an offset but that didn't work...
  3. H

    Subtotal with if function help

    Hi, I have a data set like below and need to create a subtotal of the sections. I cant use the sum if function as the table will be filtered and need the section subtotals to be dynamic in line with the table filter. The filters are setup for BRAND,REGION,AREA and SITE. The idea is I have a...
  4. D

    VBA sorting column by name in first row

    Hey all- I am attempting to "Sort" data based on the label/heading in the first row (i.e. Account, then by Type). <tbody> <tbody> Type Date Num Name Memo Account Debit Credit Balance Bill 0/16/2014 111111 John John company 10000 · A/R - xx 150.00 124,780.23 </tbody> </tbody>...
  5. D

    subtotal by header?

    I have a sheet of data I need to subtotal. The issue is that the subtotal criteria is mixed in one column. Example: <TBODY> Column A Column B Column C Name 1 35.00 Shift Type 10.00 Shift Type 12.00 Shift Type 13.00 Name 2 20.00 Shift Type 10.00 Shift Type...
  6. A

    Data selection, subtotaling, etc. Big question. Big problems. Please help!

    Hi everyone, Longtime listener first time caller. I have a couple of tasks that I am trying to complete for my boss. I am trying to rework some data and get some explanatory statistics out of it. My data set is a time series with 10 variables and about 5800 daily observations. First: I...
  7. G

    Subtotal Calculation

    Hello all, and thank you in advance for any help given. I have 300 - 400 row sheets that I get every week that i need to separate chunks of rows (by dates), insert a blank row, and calculate the subtotal. Below is an example of what the information looks like before it is subtotaled Date...
  8. M

    VBA to Find subtotals = to 0 and move associated rows to new WS

    Other than subtotaling NETAMT at change in Asset Nbr, how can I group by Asset No, and if NetAmt of group equals Zero, then move range to another WorkSheet. Example of WS is shown below. :confused: Thank you!
  9. U

    Subtotal en Columnas

    Hola amigos. necesito de su ayuda nuevamente. como puedo usar la formula de subtotales en columnas. es decir cuando pongo la formula en con referencia a un rango de filas al ocultar algunas filas me da el valor de las filas visibles, pero en columnas no puedo hacer eso. Existe alguna otra forma...
  10. X

    Subtotal Macro: error and auto format

    Hi All, I am trying to create macro for subtotaling rows: Application.CutCopyMode = False rw = Range(Range("A1"), Range("A1").EndxlDown)).Rows.Count col = 16 Range("A1").Resize(rw, col).Select Selection.subtotal GroupBy:=6, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(15, 16), _ Replace:=True...
  11. K

    Conditional SUMIF statement

    I am having some issues with a conditional SUMIF statement. Here are the details. The statement below currently works. Contents of K14 =IF(J14="Yes",F14,IF(A14<>A13,SUMIF(A:A,A14,F:F),"")) Column A are Dates in chronological order Column F is a $ amount. Column J is "Yes" or blank. If Yes...
  12. K

    Subtotaling based on date in a column

    I am trying to create a subtotal in Column L for the values in Column K that all have the same date in Column A. All of the Dates in Column A are in chronological order. No dates are out of order. Example A1 = 11/2/2008 : K1 = 22.00 A2 = 11/2/2008 : K2 = 25.00 A3 = 11/4/2008 : K3 = 12.50 A4 =...

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