sum by date

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    Counting dates in filtered row

    Hi all, I'm trying to count the number of cells that contain a date in a filtered row. I've been using the following formula, but it keeps coming back with a value of 0, even though there are 3 in the filtered row; =SUMPRODUCT(--('Fixture Status'!J3:J1000=">=0"),SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET('Fixture...
  2. M

    Getting the sum of column based on equal dates

    Hello everybody. Monthly, I am making a report wherein I need to get the sum of a column based on specific dates. Attached is extracted sample of the data: A B C 1 Value Date Amount Sub Total 2 01/04/2012 89,812.10 3...
  3. P

    Counting quantities for a given week

    In cells A4:A250 i have dates entered A4=1/2/09 A5=1/2/09 A6=1/14/09 A7=1/15/09 A8=1/3/09 A9=1/10/09 A10=1/16/09 A11=1/19/09 A12=1/21/09 Dates are entered all the way through to A250 in no particular order but only for that month. In this example January and no dates for Sunday. D4=Yes D5=Yes...
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    need help with macro or formula that will sum cells on the 1st day of the month

    Hello, I'm trying to write a macro or formula that will sum the following =(D2+B3)-C3 on the first day of the month. I need this for each month. Each month will change, so for October 1 2008 I need it to sum =237+B2-C2 November 1 2008 I need it to sum =(D2+B3)-C3 December 1 2008 I need it to...

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