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    Sum on Left lookup up.

    Everytime I come to crate a formula that uses a left lookup I end up looking for answers on various forums. Today, however, I cannot find the answer, so need to ask here. I have a spreadsheet with names of Towns (Ipswich, Newmarket, etc) in Column R and a quantity figure in Column E...
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    Auto-calculate 2 column that contains numbers and words words

    Hi everyone, I've been using conventional method to do this and it's time consuming. I would like to total up 2 column. A multiply B to be exact. Below are some examples: Table 1 - Before totaling up: <table dir="ltr" border="1" bordercolor="#05ad00" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1"...
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    Formula - only SUM based on criteria

    Hi all ex(cel)perts, I am looking for a formula that would sum all cells that meet a specific criterion in a different cell. To Illustrate: I have NAMES of individuals in column C and TOTALs in columns E. I am hoping there is a way were XL automatically finds the name and the appropriate...

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