sum index

  1. badinvestor

    Summing Index/Match Multiple Criteria

    I have been using the following function {=INDEX(Register!C:E,MATCH("#Name",Register!C:C,FALSE),3)} where #Name is obviously a person's name and in column E is a value associated with the name. The problem that I'm having is there are multiple instances of a person's name and I need to be able...
  2. D

    Add n numbers in a column

    I'm sure this is super basic for you guys. Given a number n, I want to add up n numbers in a column. Column of numbers 5 10 15 20 Example If n=1 then 5 is returned If n=2 then 15 is returned If n=3 then 30 is returned If n=4 then 50 is returned I've tried to use a sum(index) based method...

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