sumif multiple lists

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    Sum sumif of values of matches with multiple columns

    My formula works. However, I would like to: 1. If possible, simplify this formula (By not using "+"). 2. Prevent errors if there are blanks in Columns DP or DV. D9 is a formula-driven value (Name) that will appear as a multiple occurrence in Columns DO114:DO469 and in DU114:DU469. The numeric...
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    The "Burger" question

    Hi All. It is the end of Friday and my Brain just mushy. :banghead: Here is what I am trying to figure out. Background: At work we have machines that are using raw materials. Some of them only uses 1, others 2,3, 4 blend of raw materials. Each machine uses different amount from each material...
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    Multiple criteria list in SUMIFS formula

    I was wondering whether it is possible to incorporate multiple criteria in a SUMIFS formula. I have a form control dropdown box with various items in it that have been linked to a list of cells within the spreadsheet. So my dropdown box has, for example: Item 1, Item 2, Item 3, Item 4, All...
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    Sumif - Multiple Sheets

    Hi all How can I sumif over multiple tabs?? Without using sumif(a:a,sheet1!a1,c:c)+sumif(a:a,sheet2!a1,c:c) Like sumif(sheet1:sheet2!a:a,a1,sheet1:sheet2!c:c) I do not want to use a macro. I have about 80 sheets. Sheet1 Apples 93 Pears 49 Oranges 20 Bananas 35 Sheet2 Apples...
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    SumIF with multiple lists

    Hi all, I've been looking around but cant find an answer to this (seemingly) simple question. (Apologies if the text doesnt layout correctly) Say I have a 2-column list of values - text and its assigned number: text1 100 text2 200 text3 500 text4 1000 ... text8 200 text9 50...

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