sumif or vlookkup

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    count number of unique records for each date

    Hi, I have a large report, that I want to be able to count the number of vehicles that worked on a specific date. This is how the data is being presented:- A B C 1 Truck: Truck 1 SEMI TRAILER 2 Hauler: abc cartage 3 20/04/2010 12:06:13 PM 8158540 4...
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    SumIF or Vlookup?

    I want to create a summary of account Balances. I want it to look like the example below. A formula to Sum all Amounts from Column F for Account Code "A" (in Column B) A_______B_______C_________D_________E_____F Date___Code#_Description____Debit___ Credit_____Total...

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