1. B

    sumif for all numbers starting with a couple digits

    I want to get the sum of all numbers in col b when the ID in col a starts with 14. So for example <tbody> 14012 50 15000 1 14999 100 16045 3 </tbody> =SUMIF(a:a,"14*",b:b) I'm getting a zero. My formula seems to work for text in col A but not for numbers. Help please!
  2. M

    SUMIF returns 0 when comparing a date

    Hi, This might be a stupid question but I'm not an expert (yet) in Excel formulas. I have used the following formula: =SUMIF(A:A,A:A<TODAY(),B:B) In my column A, I have only dates and in my column B numbers. I tried a simple IF to compare A with TODAY() and this works perfectly. I have also...

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