summarise data

  1. R

    Allocate between dates to months then summarise by month and year

    I am seeking help how to split bookings by date and summarising it by month and year. Thus an example of the data is: Start End Jan-2024 Feb-2024 Mar-2024 Apr-2024 May-2024 Jun-2024 Jul-2024 Aug-2024 Sep-2024 Oct-2024 Nov-2024 Dec-2024 Jan-2025 Feb-2025 Mar-2025 Apr-2025 15/01/2024...
  2. M

    Need help with referencing totals from multiple worksheets

    I've been looking around forums and videos for this solution and I'm sure there's something super obvious I'm missing but I just can't figure out how to do this. I have a document with 35 different worksheets. Each worksheet has the same table in the same position and there is a cell that...
  3. L

    Power BI -Proportion of overall criteria * Average

    Good Afternoon I need help to work out how to show the proportion of days taken per category. I have posted how this looks in Excel however I am struggling to create a Measure in Power BI to replicate it. My data is in one large table, called Sheet 1! The example below: first 2 columns are...
  4. J

    Automatically sorting event totals by hours

    I'm a relative newbie to the power excel world, so don't know if this is possible or not. I have 1 field that indicates the number of attendees 1 field that indicates start time 1 field that indicates end time. What I would love to automate is to have individual fields for the hours of the...
  5. K

    Summarising row data into a separate column

    Hi, I am trying to take string data from multiple sheets that is listed in the same row each time, and summarise it in a column (or row), while removing any gaps. There may be a quite obvious fix, but I have found no solution. So I have data that looks like this: Sheet 1 <tbody> A B C D E...
  6. S

    Combine multiple sheets with same name from seperate wbs in a folder into one workbook

    Hello All, I want to combine a specific tab ("Summation") in all workbooks in a folder to a single workbook. I have my macro asking for the file path, a file name pattern and the tab name from each workbook. The only 2 I really need are the file path and the tab name but the middle is just...
  7. G

    Summarizing data on another tab

    I have been looking around online and have not been able to find what I need. As you can see below I have a list set up of different capitalization rate percentage ranges. (Note: the "xx" max/min should be actual rates - I set up this table before I had any of the rates) I would like to set up...
  8. J

    Summarising Multiple BOM Tables into one - best solution?

    G'day folks, So I am looking for multiple/best solution(s) to summarise/consolidate multiple tables into one. These tables are Bill of Materials (BOM's), on each worksheet will be a table summarising the materials required for each product assembly. The tables are made up of Part Numbers...
  9. D

    Summarize Data from Other Sheets Into A Single Sheet

    Objective:to pull summary details of selected spreadsheets and place the results on a new worksheet. I have a userform that reads all the various worksheets in the workbook and applies pattern matching on the name, so as to only pull relevant worksheets for a user to select from. The user can...
  10. R

    Looking for advice on the best way to summarise data..

    Just looking for some 'best practice' advice on summarising a huge amount of data... Quite simply, I have a huge worksheet which I use for analysing stocks. Column A shows Stock Names, Column B shows yesterdays prices, Column C shows todays prices, Column D shows % change on yesterday's price...
  11. A

    Best Approach to Summarise Data

    Hi, I have a couple of data sets that I need to create an overview for and I’m struggling how to group, count, sum etc. various data sets. Essentially, I have different data sets for: Revenue Data Sales & Pipeline Data Consultant Engagement Data What I have been racking my brain over is the...
  12. F

    How to extract the same 5 celss from multiple excell work books and display them in rows

    I have a folder with a few hundred Excell workbooks. All the formatting is the same in each workbook. How do I extract 5 cells from each workbook without manually openig them up? I would like to list them 5 colums wide by a few hundreds rows of the data. Thanks for your help. :confused:
  13. I

    Custom summarizing in pivot table?

    Hello, I have a pivot table with Months and Weeks as row headers and Members and Enrollees as column headers. The weeks collapse into the months. I have two problems. 1) I need the month totals to show up all the time instead of only when the weeks are collapsed. 2) For members I need the...
  14. L

    Lookup or Advanced filter to Summarise data?

    Hi - I apologise if there is a result already posted but I need something quite secific and don't have time to adapt & play. I need to lookup a list on Sheet 1: "Training Register" and find all people scheduled for "Session ID" then populate a summary list on Sheet 2: Training Session Summary...
  15. H

    Where a blank cell is found in column B, sum the previous two cells in column B.

    Can someone assist me with this: Where a blank cell is found in column B, sum the previous two cells in column B. Continue until no data remains. I've included a sample: COLUMN A COLUMN B <TABLE style="WIDTH: 252pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
  16. J

    Summarising several classes of data based on condition of each class

    Hi, I have several sets of data and would like to summarise all the No's in the "Acceptable?" column (in G, L, Q... and so on) and copy the relevant rows including the first two columns (dates and days) not just for Class 1 but 2, 3... and so on, to another sheet. However, where there is no...

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